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About LOFTY,

Lofty CEO & Founder, Wade Leathem, first had the idea for Lofty while staying at an Airbnb home in Hollywood, California in 2014. The property was managed by ‘Pillow Homes’ and this experience later inspired the idea for Lofty over a year later in Phuket. ‘It was a unique experience’ recalls, Wade, ‘which is the reason Airbnb has become such a phenomenon worldwide.’

In Phuket, there is so many beautiful, unique, and funky homes which are perfect for Airbnb. However, Lofty was created to standardize the customer experience in Phuket. Things such as:

  1. 5 star – hotel quality, linens, towels, and toiletries.

  2. Local, organic and environmentally friendly bathrooms amenities. Body wash, shampoo, conditioners, and hand soap all provided by Calibration Lifestyle in Chiang Mai.

  3. 24/hr concierge team to provide check ins, checkouts, recommendations, and emergency help

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